There is a displacement and affordable housing crisis in DC and it is disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable among us. Long-time residents are being forced out of their homes at alarming rates, affordable housing is not affordable, and public housing is being eliminated. Thanks to the work of community activists, it is clear that this is not happening by accident. For years, city officials have worked to implement a calculated economic development plan at the expense of black and low-income communities.
DC Dyke March believes in the power of community development and that housing is a human right. We know that queer communities are both causes of and affected by displacement. With humility, we are raising awareness where it needs to be raised within and outside of our community and supporting those who have been doing anti-displacement work for years. We are dykes against displacement taking this first step with plans to continue our commitment to this issue beyond the march. We are Dykes Against Displacement. Join us.