How to Avoid Online Detection: A Guide to Invisible Communication

When every move can be tracked by machines, the only way to keep messages entirely confidential is a return to analog processes.

This handbook serves as both instructional booklet and example of a secure way of passing messages: coded messages with keys camoflauged in security patterns. Anyone picking up a copy must decode each page in order to access the content.


The Language of Queerness

This book is a compilation of essays and research on the language used by queer and LGBTQ+ people, focusing particularly on the ways language affects personal identity and community. How does language signal identity? How do the words we use to describe our identities serve to contruct and assert them? How do changing meanings affect the way we form community?

I gathered and organized the essays, designed and typeset the pages, and printed and hand-bound the book in an edition of five.


Toward a Digital World

In Toward a Digital World, I explore a possible future in which the majority of the human population has scanned and uploaded their minds into machines, moving society and consciousness fully into a digital space. I wrote, designed, and hand-bound the book to serve as a portal into this imagined space, focusing on the societal structures that would emerge in a world where bodies were irrelevant, processing and exchange of information was instantaneous, and everything exists at once.



Lookbook layouts for River City Fashion Uprising, a VCU student organization.