ACLU: The Future We Dare to Create

As part of a creative team at Brllnt, I helped to create a politically engaging nationwide tour for the ACLU, which educated viewers with immersive exhibits on voting rights, immigration, and mass incarceration.

As the lead designer for all promotional materials for the ACLU100 tour, I created a scalable system that I used to create social media ads, billboards, digital displays, posters, postcards, and more, all while accommodating the wide variation in content for each of the 14 stops.


MotherNation: This Is What Motherhood Looks Like

As the lead designer on this project for a company providing support and community to new mothers, I collaborated with the marketing team to create a campaign concept, present it to the client, and execute it across multiple channels.

By observing existing mommy blogs & social media, we created a campaign that focused on real mom imagery and relatable moments, which would resonate with new moms and convey our client’s accepting & empowering approach.


Custom illustrations gave a pop of childlike fun to a flexible email template and an ad landing page.