RegTech SAAS Client

As part of the design team at Brllnt I worked on product enhancements for several regulatory technology software platforms. This included a re-skin of the entire software to improve usability and ease of navigation.

As part of this re-skin, I overhauled the UI icons to standardize them, ensure consistency across all platforms, and make them easy for users to recognize.


Brllnt Marketing Website

I led the redesign of the marketing website for the agency where I worked, from wireframing and mockups through implementation. The redesign improved the user experience of the site, making it easier to navigate, and presented the agency's past work with a mix of playfulness and polish.

See an in-depth case study of this project here.


Coffee With

Coffee With is an app that helps you discover people in your area who share your interests and makes it easy to meet up with them. It matches you with potential friends based on shared interests, then suggests a place and time to meet that fits both your preferences. I designed this concept, branding, UX, prototype, and pitch video as part of a design course in interaction.